Scale Your Food & Beverage Production or Perish

Scale Your Business
Scale Your Business

As part of  The Brooklyn FoodWorks ongoing educational series designed to support entrepreneurs in the food and beverage industry, I have been asked to present a free workshop scheduled for Thursday, June 9th.

As part of my consulting services offered through Solutiontopia, Inc. one of the many topics that comes up and is most often asked by start-ups and many successful small growth companies is “How do I get to the next level of production?”.  Many consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands that begin their business do so in food incubators, such as The Brooklyn FoodWorks, which offer support, certification, equipment and the ability to produce test batches and soon there after, small batch production for the burgeoning business.  To learn more about the benefits of Food/Culinary Incubators, see my blog post from last November which was dedicated to the Incubator Boom.

The workshop will include a detailed overview of the path, process and timing of scaling your food manufacturing production. I will be demonstrating some of the pros and cons of building out a dedicated production facility for your company and contrast this to the pros and cons of finding a Co-Packer or manufacturing partner that can produce your product. I will point out the many pitfalls that can be easily avoided if you know what to look for while providing specific examples of how and when to plan for the need to expand and grow production as you grow your business.

In this workshop I will demonstrate how planning in advance of your business growth can set the stage in helping to raise capital. What are the key elements that investors look for when investing in a brand?  Well, one of them is to know how the brand can ramp up either for a slow and steady growth or for the hockey stick growth you may have in mind.

To register for free follow this link to Eventbrite.

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Daniel Karsevar, Founder & Chief Problem Solver at SOLUTIONTOPIA & is also a Mentor at The Brooklyn FoodWorks and Advisor to many CPG brands.

SOLUTIONTOPIA provides turn-key solutions, product development, and operational scaling solutions for food start-ups in the natural foods CPG space.[/wr_column]][wr_text]