AVO-CRAZY: Will 2016 Beat Last Year?

AVO-CRAZY = Avocado Trending In Pinterest.

Avocado-AVO-CRAZY: Will 2016 Beat Last Year?AVO-CRAZY: Will 2016 Beat Last Year?

The avocado has certainly had a busy year. Between California droughts, Florida fungus issues, and Mexican “blood avocados,” the news hasn’t always been great. But according to Pinterest, the bad press hasn’t slowed down consumer demand for avocado based products. The website recently reported that among the top food trends of the year, and what they’ll be watching in 2016, was “avocado oil.”

So why the love of the fruit? To begin with, as the cultural appropriation of Mexican food has become just part of American cuisine, avocados have moved from “foreign” exotic ingredient to just another produce staple. Second, the fruit fits the bill when it comes to consumers’ rising desire to increase consumption of healthy fats and creating meatless meals that are still hearty. Here are some of the avocado influenced products from 2015 that we’ll be watching.


Avoke Avocado Smoothie Bowls
Debuting at this year’s Expo East, the HPP processed, nutrient dense, avocado smoothie bowls combine vegetables, fruits and grains into an easy to consume, on the go format. Inspired by the cold pressed juice craze, the product’s founders hoped to create something with similar use cases, but with lower sugar and higher fiber. While the product is still in its infancy, it will be interesting to see how distribution expands over 2016.

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